Introducing the Divine City 🌆

3 min readOct 5, 2021


Hello frens! DivineDAO team here.

We’re building DivineDAO because we believe that the LOOT ecosystem needs infrastructure and community built around more effective, focused decision making that also respects the philosophies of decentralization and accessibility.

In the coming weeks we will be releasing more posts and information regarding the DAO structure, $DIVINE economics, and inaugural SZNS album sale (SZNS blog post for more context); for now we will focus on the fun stuff!

Divine City

Join us in building an exalted, floating city.

The inspiration for the Divine City began with a question:

How can we use our DAO to make the LOOTverse more gamified & immersive?

The influx of LOOT projects have created a universe rich in taxonomy, but the full story has yet to be unveiled. Part of this is due to the nature of ERC721; token standards are great for tracking things that can be easily mapped to tokens, not so great for telling a compelling story.

Humans are good at telling stories.

We’ve therefore decided to use our DAO as an immersive storytelling layer in this ecosystem, rather than simply a financial mechanism. That’s where the Divine City comes in.

Following the Great War, the inhabitants of the Lootverse pool together their magical items to harness their energy and create Divine City, a floating utopia.

With their new $DIVINE currency, they enter a flourishing renaissance period of arts, business, and technology.

The only challenge they face is piecing together their fragmented history…

The various districts and landmarks within the Divine City are represented by channels and voice chats within the DivineDAO Discord, each with unique access and functions that will be revealed in due time.

Divine Keys

To access the inner depths of the Divine City, you will need a Divine Key.

We have begun distributing Divine Keys to our founding Delegates, each of whom has been carefully selected. They are builders, artists, and patrons working hard to build a lasting community around LOOT.

Each of these Delegates will have the ability to nominate a small number of other Divine Key holders. These will be the architects of the Divine City community and lore.

After this initial distribution phase, we will start to expand access to Divine Keys and the Divine City. Divine Keys will be earnable by receiving them from our founding members, collaborating on Divine DAO projects, or making significant contributions to the funding of our projects.

If you would like to be considered for a Key, please apply here!


Our firm belief is that through communal world-building, we can create:

  • Stickier communities with financial and non-financial incentives
  • A more immersive Discord experience
  • LOOT projects that contain actual narrative and gameplay, rather than just taxonomy
  • A vast array of lore-based games and programming
  • A blank canvas upon which DAO participants can take part in shaping the story
  • Micro-communities built around all LOOT items
  • LOOT lore and universe that is communally explored rather than centrally dictated

If that sounds like fun to you, we’d love to welcome you to the Divine City!